23 09, 2018

Tlaquepaque: Sedona’s Best

2022-08-13T09:43:19-07:00September 23rd, 2018|

Tlaquepaque (pronounced T-la-keh-pah-keh) is Sedona’s premier outdoor shopping center. Under the shade of old sycamores enjoy strolling cobbled paths next to Oak Creek while you explore galleries and unique shops. The name Tlaquepaque derives from Nahuatl, an ancient Aztec language, and [...]

14 08, 2018

Third Chakra: The Seat of Personal Power

2022-08-13T09:43:19-07:00August 14th, 2018|

Manipura, the third chakra, is the seat of the will. Its bold yellow color denotes this chakra’s powerful energy. Yellow represents the rising energy of spring . . .  its buoyancy, activity, and creativity. It is achievement-oriented, bold, and blooming. [...]

26 07, 2018

Sedona Weather: When To Visit

2022-08-13T09:43:19-07:00July 26th, 2018|

  Any Time is a Good Time for Sedona No matter if it's rainy, sunny, snowy, hot, or chilly, anytime is the best time to visit Sedona, depending on your own preferences in the weather. There is plenty to do [...]

23 01, 2018

Essential Oils & Spiritual Connection

2022-08-13T09:43:20-07:00January 23rd, 2018|

Essential Oils: Used Many Years for Many Things The first record of essential oils was found on cave wall drawings in Dordogne, France, and dates back to 20,000 years. History records confirm the Egyptians used essential oils as early as [...]

17 01, 2018

Labyrinth Walking – Meditation Within

2022-08-13T09:43:20-07:00January 17th, 2018|

What is a Labyrinth A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that replicates our own wholeness. It represents a journey for life, regarding it as a path to connect within through meditation, with our higher power, and then back again. [...]

28 11, 2017

A Different Kind of Vacation

2022-08-13T09:43:20-07:00November 28th, 2017|

Vacations Like No Other Vacations are fun. We save and look forward to them. Vacations inspire us, and in them, we open up and dream a little. More and more, however, people are searching for more interesting, more meaningful vacations. [...]

17 11, 2017

Shamanic Drumming is Powerful

2022-08-13T09:43:20-07:00November 17th, 2017|

History of Shamanic Drumming Spiritual Journeys, inner connection, dream states, trance-induction, and healing have been attained through the use of Shamanic Drumming. These Drumming Ceremonies are among the oldest and most extensive methods of healing known to civilization. In addition [...]

5 11, 2017

The Chakra System

2022-08-13T09:43:21-07:00November 5th, 2017|

A Chakra System is an Energy System What is a chakra system? There is a lot of information about chakras swimming around out there. From its Eastern roots, the concept has been brought West and grown in meaning and use. [...]

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