Accessing Scorpion Trail and More

Scorpion Trail offers one of the best views of Cathedral Rock that Sedona has to offer. With every turn you make, the view gets better and better. It is a fast decline to the bottom of the Lower Red Rock Loop area, and a wonderful climb back up Schuerman Hill, to make a loop. Scorpion Trail Parking is behind the Sedona Red Rock High School, to the left. You can also park on the other side of the road and walk across the street to gain access to the Scorpion Trail Head. 

Image of tree branches on a red rock mountain-Sedona Vortex Adventures

Once on the trail, stay to the left toward the Pyramid Trail. After making this left turn you will start a delightful rocky descent. I personally love this part of the trail: it offers a mystery with every turn. The terrain is dynamic and the bright green colors of the cactus pop from the red soil and mountainside. You are surrounded by high desert scrub and waxy manzanita. This trail is highly trafficked by mountain bikers, so be on the lookout.

An Early Morning Delight

I suggest doing this trail early in the morning to capture the rising sun. This is truly a sacred time of day. As the sun rises, its long arms stretch out to the Arizona desert, exposing its vastness and beauty. I also suggest turning around to see the view that has been unfolding behind you. It will leave you breathless.

View of Cathedral Rock-Scorpion Trail

Now the trail will bring you to a junction where you can either stay on Scorpion Trail, or take Pyramid Trail to the left, I suggest that you stay right, and continue down the Scorpion Trail. The zig-zag descent will lead you through a bumpy maze of Juniper. Be sure to wear good shoes on this hike, since it is a bit of an elevation drop and gain.

Cathedral Vortex View On Scorpion Trail

Once you begin to level out, the promised view of Cathedral Rock will begin to materialize in front of you. Its powerful presence is one that people travel all over the world to experience. It’s a perfect spot to take a rest and drink some water. While you are resting, take moment to honor this land in your heart. Remember the ancient ones that passed through this exact location to get to Oak Creek which winds around in the distance. How can you treat nature with love and respect? What could you do today to help to preserve the amazing gift that we all have been given in nature? 

View of Cathedral Rock-Scorpion Trail

Pyramid Trail: A Hidden Gem

After staying right at the trail, you will start the climb up Pyramid Trail. This trail will begin to twist up the back side of the mountain that you just descended. The momentous towers of the Red Rocks are spectacular here. They are large and you can see canyons splitting the landscape in the distance. You will hike up and over these slick rock platforms as the trail pushes you up the back side of Schuerman Hill.  I believe that this is one of the most beautiful places in Sedona. It is quiet and thought-provoking. It is a must-do for a person wanting something different and off the beaten path. 

Looping Back to Scorpion Trail

Pyramid Trail will loop back to Scorpion Trail where you will begin the trek back to the trailhead. Every direction you turn during this hike you find photo ops that are breathtaking and unreal. It is a good workout to do the loop and took me about two hours. I strongly recommend this hike and would suggest a nice deep tissue massage by one of our HIGHLY talented and gifted Practitioners at SpiritQuest Retreats and Sedona Vortex Adventures.

Allow Us to Design Your Sedona Experience

If you’d like a guide to show you the best trail in Sedona, and include a ceremony, healing, or teaching call 1-928-282-3574. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you enjoy this hike as much as I did.