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Sedona Vortex Adventures Third Eye Chakra
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Effects of Third Eye Chakra Balancing

The Sixth Chakra – Third Eye or Ajna energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought and spiritual contemplation and self-reflection.  It is located in the brain, at the brow, above the base of the nose.  The gift of this chakra is seeing – both inner and outer worlds.  The energy of Third Eye Chakra allows us to access our inner guidance that comes from within ourselves and our Spiritual realm.

The meaning of the Third eye is “command” or “perception”, and the energy of Third Eye allows us to access our inner guidance that comes from the depths of our being. It allows us to cut through illusion and to access deeper truths – to see beyond the mind, beyond the words.

Deep intellect, wisdom, and spiritual insight result from an open Third Eye and when tapped our lives have a profound potential. Clearing and balancing your sixth chakra can help you tap into these vast capacities.

When the Chakra is Balanced with your other chakras, you will begin opening up yourself to Universal Knowledge and create a deep connection of understanding with your Higher Power! You will experience Higher states of consciousness and a keen intellect balanced with strong intuitive abilities. This intellect and intuition can be summed up as “wisdom.”

When the Third Eye Chakra is over-active you may experience stress, clouded judgement, lack of focus, and an inability to distinguish what is real. Also when the Third Eye Chakra is over-active the constant flow of thoughts can be mentally exhausting.  You may feel intimidated by having to make decisions that would normally be quite simple.

When the Third Eye is under-active you will seemingly have difficulty in understanding the spiritual side of the world and the connection between your inner and outer reality. You will begin to experience poor memory, lack of imagination and insight, feeling under pressure, and fear of the future.  When your Third Eye Chakra is under-active you will have a hard time trusting your intuition, and constantly rely on other’s opinions.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Third Eye Chakra Ceremony

When your Third Eye Chakra is open and balanced your intuition and wisdom are universal and transcendent in nature. You will be extremely developed in so far as you are in a high consciousness and with deep spiritual insight and awareness.   The third eye chakra will guide you to ongoing spiritual development.   With your Third Eye Chakra balanced and open you will see everything as it is from a point of being the witness, or from simply being mindful in the moment by the moment.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Third Eye Chakra Ceremony

Third Eye Chakra Releasing and Spiritual Awakening
Book a Third Eye Chakra Land Journey Ceremony with Sedona Vortex Adventures in Arizona and experience a unique once in a life time journey of balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit and personal growth by producing an ecstatically joyful connection to your Chakras. Using the Elements of the Earth, Fire, Water, and Air in Nature, as well as Meditation, Sound Healing, Breath Work and more, you will gain the Third Eye Chakra balance you have been seeking.  You’ll be working with the best guides that you’ll find anywhere in the world to provide the guidance that you need for inner spiritual growth and balance. Sedona Vortex Adventures group of gifted people are ready to help you find and remove the blocks that have been keeping you stuck from connecting to self and your higher power.  Experience the joy that comes from living out your life’s purpose in gratitude, abundance, and serenity.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Third Eye Chakra Ceremony
When you arrive at the Sedona Vortex Tour Center your guide will take you out on a exclusive sacred red rocks tour where you will begin to understand the basic characteristics of all the Chakras that are utilized for personal growth and balance.  Your Guide will then take you into an in-depth teaching of the Third Eye Chakra and the development of expanded spiritual awareness and insight.  Through utilizing nature, movement, earth, fire, water, air, meditation, and sound healing, you will begin to open yourself up to your inner self and your higher power.  Continue on your Third Eye Chakra journey with a very special ceremony to examine and release self-limiting ideas and develop wisdom that comes from a perspective of light and love. You will begin to see and help others to see the deeper meanings of the situations in their lives.  Leave our Third Eye Chakra Ceremony with gratitude, love and peace toward all that nature nurtures us with.  Join us for a unique experience you will not find anywhere else!

Optional One-on-One Third Eye Chakra Sessions

Sedona Vortex Adventures Yoga Session in the Park
Sedona Vortex Adventures provides add-on sessions where you can enhance your experience by extending your stay to go deeper through intensive one-to-one private sessions. We recommend you schedule at least one to four days as an extension. While all the sessions offered by Sedona Vortex Adventures will be available, we have included below a list of those that are especially appropriate for this adventure.


Recommended Intensives & Adventures:

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  • Shamanic Healing Ceremony
  • Vinyasa Yoga Purification

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