Schnebly Trail Vortex Tour

This location requires a 10-15 ride to reach a number of red rock outcroppings where the views are incredible! The walk is a 10-20 minute walk. See a spread of black lava rocks atop the red rock where people often build their own sacred stacks of stones for prayer and intention setting. Look out over the whole of Sedona area and watch the sun set over Mingus Mountain in the distance.

Release stress the further you go into this vortex area where the panoramic view becomes more and more beautiful. This spiritual red rock vortex area is filled with scented pinon pines, and gorgeous flowers blooming through the land, which enhances your connection to self.  This tour will release day-to-day stress and fill a peace within that encompasses your whole body.  Join us for a Interpretive Hike & Meditation, or Shamanic Journey that will renew your spirit on this gorgeous tour.

Tour Bookings

Tour Options

(These are a few suggested options, see our session list for our full offerings. Nearly any class or treatment can be added to our tours)

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Earth Medicine Wisdom

Experience your Spiritual Animal Wisdom Through the Medicine Wheels in Sedona.  Tap into the wisdom of the Ancient Ones, feel your roots, reconnect once again with Mother Earth. Let your Sedona Vortex Adventures guide bring you back to your connection with all things with this Vortex Tour Session. You will be taken to a special location on the sacred land of Sedona. Learn about your Animal Power Guides and how they can assist you to make good insightful decisions. Reclaim your innocence and feel your heart beat once again.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Insights Land Journey

Relax in the Sedona Energy Vortexes while on a Vortex Retreat.  Breath the fresh air of Sedona and feel the sun on your face as you gain insight with your guide about yourselves and your connection to all things. This couples vortex retreat hiking session may include ceremony, drums, sound, and/or movement. Experience the renewal and freshness that Nature has to offer. This session helps you get centered again.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Spiritual Awakening Land Journey

Sedona, AZ is well know for Prayer Rocks throughout the sacred vortexes.  In this Sedona Vortex Adventure Session, Hike of Spiritual Awakening Land Journey you will gain understanding that Spiritual Awakening deals with deepening your connection with God/Source/Spirit and working with you at your Soul level, asking the questions and exploring why did you come here? What are your lessons? What is your purpose? How to get in touch with yourself at your center, the Source of who you really areThis will be a day unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Schnebly Canyon History

Schnebly was originally used by the indigenous people to trade their products such as corn and beans with neighboring tribes in the area.  Then in 1896 this trail was further developed by a rancher named Jim Munds.  With cattle roaming on the land near Sedona he was confronted with the challenge of creating a trail for drive training his cattle to Flagstaff.  Jim Munds began the construction of  a wagon road from a trail over the steep terrain to bring the cattle to market. When the road up Oak Creek Canyon was complete the Munds Wagon Rd. was further developed as the primary route from Sedona to Flagstaff.   The reasoning the trail was called Cow Pie, was because it basically resembled a stack of manure. Today while you experience the beauty of this trail you will see original retaining walls along the path from Jim Munds project.

*We conduct activities on Public Land under permit with the Coconino National Forest.