About Sedona Vortex Adventures

Join us for a journey into the Red Rocks of Sedona with our expert guides. You can add healing sessions like yoga out on the rocks, or even experience a nurturing Massage or Energy Healing at our retreat center. Explore the power of Sound Healing, the magic of Color Therapy, or learn to meditate. Sedona Vortex Adventures is a sister company to SpiritQuest Retreats. We have been in business for over 10 years and have been featured in the Delta Sky Magazine as well as on the national network TLC.

Owner Katherine Lash hand picks every guide for every tour. Our tours are much more than just a visit to the landscape; we invite you to visit the landscape within. Our guides will assist you in going deeper, exploring the heart, exploring and expanding health, exploring the inner you. Now is the time to shift elements in your life in order to create harmony and balance. We would be honored to assist you in that process.

healing retreat with sedona vortex

Let us help you move to a better place.

Spend the day out in a canyon, or on a mountain top. Then return and nurture yourself in our spectacular retreat center. The Adventure is just beginning! Call today and invest in yourself. We cater to individual or small group experiences. We would love to hear of your intention and to be present with what you have to say. We purposely ask you to call rather than select a one size fits all arrangement. Email us or pick up the phone. We want to hear what you have to say and how to create the most meaning experience for you.