Family Excursion Day Package

Spend the day with us and save when you purchase a Sedona Vortex Adventures Day Package. The Family Excursion offers quality time to unplug from the business of life and meaningfully reconnect. Family retreats are designed to encourage families to connect and thrive as a team

Our Day Packages are a combination of three sessions: a two-hour Sedona Vortex Adventure, and two additional one-and-a-half hour sessions, either outdoors or indoors at our beautiful retreat center.

The following sessions are included on our Family Excursion Day Package:


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There is no religious focus on this Family Excursion Day Package as people from all walks of life come to Sedona Vortex Adventures and benefit from the guided practices.  Our Family Excursion Day Package is designed to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors and to spend quality time together.

Nurturing Family Dynamics

Imagine your family enjoying time together while playing amidst the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona! A Family Excursion with Sedona Vortex Adventures helps maintain healthy family relationships and creates a safe environment for each family member allowing them to feel protected and loved. With the fast pace of modern life, the greatest challenge facing most people today is creating opportunities to spend quality time with family. These relationships, when strong, help to enhance family trust and unity. The family is one of the most important facets of a person’s life and is correspondingly one of the most factors in determining how a child turns out as an adult.

Your family defines who you are as a person. A healthy family enables everyone to feel a sense of belonging and about who they are. A healthy family is a source of comfort and support where security and protection and they help us to make sense of the world in which we live.

Join Sedona Vortex Adventures in the beautiful red rock vortexes of Sedona, Arizona and experience a Family Excursion in in a protected space that supports you and your family to connect with a greater ease. This Family Excursion offers time to unplug from the business of life and find meaningful reconnection. Family retreats are designed to strengthen families to connect and thrive as a team.

We understand the importance of raising conscious children that are connected, centered, and grounded. Sedona Vortex Adventures Family Sessions create an environment for mutual caring and support and provide tools for lifelong strength for all individuals.  It is never too late to begin the process of improving family relationships; even if they are already of good quality.  Experience the adventure of a holiday in the sacred red rock vortexes and develop some simple skills that will last a lifetime for your family.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Family Excursion 

Our private Family Excursion Day Packages are offered year-round and are perfect for individuals or couples with especially busy schedules. Feel free to book a customized day package to fit your specific needs, making it the most life-changing experience we offer. You’ll work one-to-one with a team of extraordinary teachers and guides who are focused entirely on you, so there is no wasted time and effort. This approach provides the greatest return possible on the total investment you’re making to come to Sedona, Arizona. Our Sedona Vortex Adventures Family Excursion Day Package offers you sessions such as Letting Go, Family Nature Hike, Family Medicine Wheel, Family Vortex Experience, and many more. 

Sedona Vortex Adventures in Arizona is an incredible place to re-connect with family while having an amazing adventure in the red rocks!  As we have stated, people like you travel from across the world to experience the serenity and peace in Sedona. Enjoy the experience with our personal guides, who will take you to our exclusive, private locations out on the beautiful red rocks of Sedona in order to give you the one-on-one attention you deserve for your day. Remember you are not limited to the sessions listed above.

Please, give us a call at 928-282-3574 and let us help you design the customized Day Package that meets all your needs and intentions.