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Sedona, Arizona travel destination for a Vortex Tour

Sedona, Arizona is a travel destination for people across the globe

Sedona is a serene and magical place where people travel from all across the globe to hike, explore, and relax.  The town is nestled beneath sandstone and limestone cliffs of deep red and vibrant orange. The Sandstone formations are world-renowned in that they literally jut up out of the earth below creating fabulous towering structures that invoke awe and spiritual introspection.

The Sedona Vortexes are known to be powerful energy sites that aid travelers in their quest to move stagnant energy and can aid in their healing and deepen their spiritual practice. . The Sinagua lived in the area between 900 and 1350 AD building pueblos and cliff houses. Around 1400 AD the Yavapai and Apache tribes began to populate the area. These tribes and others have been known to consider Sedona and the surrounding area, the birthplace of their spirituality. The nearby San Francisco Peaks, which tower at an elevation of 12,600 feet are considered sacred ground by the Navajo. It is a place where medicine men collected healing herbs for ceremonies. The sacred waters from these peaks eventually reach Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon, which flows through the town of Sedona today. The sacred pools combined with crystalline structures within the red rocks have become a mecca for seekers on their spiritual path.

7 Sedona Vortexes

Sedona has many vortexes where visitors can experience different vibrational components. Some embody the masculine energies and others the feminine.

Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex

Sedona Vortex Tours Baldwin Trail by Cathedral Rock

Join Sedona Vortex Adventures for a Tour by Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex affects both mind and body creating a powerful experience for learning the power of “going inward”. Visitors find balance in mind, body, and spirit. Cathedral Rock is known as the strongest magnetic vortex generating a subtle but very powerful and deep experience. While participating in meditation at this site, visitors may begin to get in touch with the “allowing” and “surrender” which allows them to live a more graceful life.  By opening to a feminine or more nurturing side, a person may realize the importance of self-care and balance.

Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex

Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex

Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex

Airport Mesa Sedona vortex is an electromagnetic vortex and the most accessible of all the vortexes. It emanates masculine energy strengthening the spirit and encouraging people to take charge of their own lives. Self-confidence becomes the focus here helping people set powerful boundaries and finding inner strength in all relationships. Within a short walk, the views are breathtaking.

Bell Rock Sedona Vortex

Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona

Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona

Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona is also an electromagnetic vortex with quartz crystal pockets to be found along the way. The energy of this vortex strengthens that part of ourselves that takes “resolve” to clear our lives by taking action.  The masculine side encourages regard for the value of your own life, and the feminine side reveals value for the life of others. The balance of the two sides of allowing for a new path to be forged. This balanced path allows us to live within our boundaries and strengths but to do so with compassion. The energy at Bell Rock provides new perspectives on how to live in the grace of the spiritual warrior.

 Boynton Canyon-Kachina Sedona Vortex

Sedona vortex energy for healing

Sedona vortex energy for healing

Boynton Canyon Vortex (Kachina Woman), is an electromagnetic vortex of balanced energies and is the most mysterious and sacred of the seven main vortexes of Sedona, Arizona. The Kachina Woman rock formation is found in folklore of the Yavapai/Apache tribe. This power place reminds us to be “born again” to a new consciousness of honesty and openness. In ancient times the native Yavapai-Apache would not come into the canyon without first purifying themselves through fasting or deep meditation. The energy here is very balanced. Often people speak of feeling grounded and calm.

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Vortex

Sacred vortex at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona is one of the 4 main vortexes.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona is a unique experience as many say this vortex is in fact the “strongest” vortex of them all. While at the vortex you will notice a red rock rising overhead of the “eagle” an amazing rock outcropping that appears to be an eagle’s head which is said to protect the Chapel from evil. When entering the chapel, many are humbled by the immenseness of the space. The energy of this vortex includes values such as forgiveness, love, connection, sacrifice, and empathy.

Schnebly Hill Road Sedona Vortex

Enjoy the sunset at Sedona's Schnebly Hill

Enjoy the sunset at Sedona’s Schnebly Hill

The Schnebly Hill Vortex follows along a winding road that was originally used by indigenous peoples for trading products.  The Schnebly Hill Sedona Vortex is a place of spectacular views and pockets of “hard to reach” landscape for a remote area to “dive deep.” This vortex energy is balancing and aligning. If you intend to release old negative patterns and blockages, the vortex will enhance your process. The road may require a jeep or four-wheel drive but is more than worth the effort when you reach the views that await you.

Courthouse Butte Sedona Vortex

Courthouse Butte Rock In Sedona, Arizona is know as one of the seven VortexesThe Courthouse Butte Vortex is a place of power and force. This Sedona vortex formation rises up into the western sky to remind us of our own power of creation and manifestation. Geologically, Courthouse Butte is composed of horizontally bedded sedimentary rock of the Permian Supai Formation. It is a moderate hike and a meditation here may inspire taking action or creating an awe-inspiring future for one’s self.

 Sedona Activities

Take a jeep tour in Sedona

Jeep Tours

Experience scenic, off-road tours in red rock country. Sedona Jeep Tours thrill visitors with views of ancient ruins, amazing vortexes, and scenery only found in Sedona.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross has drawn visitors ever since its completion. This powerful landmark offers services during the week but is visited by others who prefer to bask in its unique energy.  The Chapel is open to the public and is a wonderful place to take photos.

Helicopter tours in Sedona to view the sacred red rock vortexes

Helicopter Tour

View the fantastic formations of the red rocks of Sedona Vortexes with a tour. Viewed from the air, discover secret canyons, ancient ruins, and hidden jewels that may be overlooked by those on foot.

Enjoy the sunset at Sedona's Schnebly Hill

Night Sky Tour

Venture out for a Night Sky Adventure on the beautiful red rocks. The Sedona area has some of the best viewing conditions in the United States. Sedona is known as a night sky city meaning that stars in the Milky Way can be seen with such brilliance that it will take your breath away.

Tlaquepaque in Sedona, AZ for shopping


Visitors love to shop at the internationally renowned Tlaquepaque. Beautiful art galleries and unique shops are plentiful while surrounded by beautiful trees. Local artists often display their goods here. With over 40 specialty shops and exclusive art galleries, shopping becomes a welcoming experience where treasures are found at every turn.

Restaurant at Sedona Rouge


View the inspiring beauty of the red rocks while enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner, casual or fine dining, or a meal of either Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Southwest, Thai, or Sea Food cuisine. Sedona boasts diverse restaurants to dine in, including establishments known worldwide for excellence and food. Spectacular views, great service, delicious food, and a variety to choose from that will make your experience in Sedona awe-inspiring.

Experience a cord cutting session in the Red Rocks of Sedona

Spiritual Retreats

Gift yourself with a retreat by SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats to expand your horizons and explore your deepest qualities. Clear the story and reframe how you see life with a healing retreat in Sedona.