Jordan Trail Vortex Tour

This 10-15 minute walk is through a small wash and near an interesting sink hole where the earth suddenly decided to drop 40 feet! Continue on around the corner to the entrance of a small wash and emerge to a private and off the beaten path to a red rock formation perfect for medicine wheel, or to lay on your back and experience connection to the vortex energies of Sedona. This sweet little “secret” spot has both shade and sun. Near this location you will also find the 7 sacred pools (when they have water in them that is.)

Tour Bookings

Tour Options

(These are a few suggested options, see our session list for our full offerings. Nearly any class or treatment can be added to our tours)

Couple hiking at Baldwin Trail in Sedona

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Couples Chakra Relationship Development

Break the old paradigm of how relationships function and create a new understanding of what conscious relating is all about with our exclusive Couples Chakra Relationship Development session. Allow us to guide you to understand that who you are today in this relationship is what is most important. Old patterns of relating are re-evaluated. Tools are brought in such as making clear agreements and learning to be accountable for your actions. Communication skills are explored as well as creating a new concept for moving forward or enhancing your relationships as a couple or as a marriage partner.

Sedona Retreat Session: Sacred Connection to Spirit in Nature

Discover the hidden treasures within yourself while of our exclusive Sedona Vortex Adventures Jordan Trail Sacred Hike.  Experience your own personal beauty that rests with you as you walk the Sacred land of Sedona. You will be given the tools to create your own Vortex Energy where ever you reside on this planet. Gift yourself this experience that will entitle you to walk within the perfection of your Spirit on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to become one with nature as you open up to a new and exciting awareness of the love that you possess and will now share with all that cross your path in this life.


Sedona Retreat Session: Red Rock Shamanic Drumming Ceremony

Become one with your ancestral memories and awaken your spirit within through a sacred drumming ceremony. This Shamanic Sedona Vortex Adventures session takes place out in the Red Rocks of Sedona where you will feel grounded and connected to the Earth!  Listen to the powerful vibration of the drum as it replicates the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and carries your prayer into the Spirit world.This will be a day unlike any other you have ever experienced.

*We conduct activities on Public Land under permit with the Coconino National Forest.