Chakra Vortex Tours

The chakra system was discovered from ancient Hindu teachings, where the word  “Chakra” originated. These ancient Sanskrit teachings have been validated over the ages in the practice of meditation, yoga, and other healing techniques. According to ancient wisdom teachings Chakras exist throughout the universe.  The human Chakra system and its makeup, provides a clear understanding of the connection between your etheric and physical bodies.

Each Chakra is a vortex of swirling energy and light emitting from a few inches above the top of your head down through the spine.  The Chakras spin clockwise and rotate 360 degrees around your body to create what is called the “Luminous Energy Field.” The actual center point of each Chakra Vortex connects to the spine and the endocrine glands.

Every chakra in your physical body is associated with specific feelings, and as you release and cleanse each Chakra, you may notice that certain emotions or memories arise spontaneously. When you allow these emotions and memories to wash through and come to the surface, your Chakras begin to balance.  The more you balance your Chakras the more you will find your body, mind, and spirit clear, and your awareness heightened.  You will awaken the energy and consciousness in your body, upon which you will experience the euphoria of Chakra Balancing.

Sedona vortex energy amplifies everything it comes in contact with, which means the clearing and balancing of Chakras happens in a magnified experience. Let Sedona Vortex Adventures guide you into the aligning of your Mind, Body and Spirit, bringing together balance and harmony within.