Welcome to Sedona Vortex Adventures

At Sedona Vortex Adventures we are committed to creating exclusive vortex tours designed to offer spiritual, shamanic, chakra, and yoga sessions and ceremonies in Sedona that can address all aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Your Sedona Vortex Adventure experience will be one of renewal and rejuvenation! We find that after participating in their session or ceremonies clients ask themselves, “WOW, that was the most amazing and unique experience I’ve ever had!  Why didn’t I do that a long time ago?”  Many feel that upon their departure they are equipped with new tools and insights that they can utilize in their everyday lives.

Why Sedona Vortex Adventures?

Special Vortex Permit

Sedona Vortex Adventures is the sister company of SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats. Our Center is located in the very heart of Sedona, surrounded by the area’s most famous vortex sites: Cathedral Butte, Airport Mesa, Thunder Mountain, and Boynton Canyon. You’ll notice the feeling of peace and serenity the moment you step through our door!

Sedona is known worldwide for its beautiful red rocks and sacred sites. Virtually everything that visitors come here to see and experience is located on land managed by the U.S. Forest Service. While visitors are free to explore the Coconino National Forest on their own, commercial companies that provide services to the public on forest land are required to have a permit.

Sedona Vortex Adventures (through SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats) is proud to be one of the few tour companies in Sedona to have met the standards required by the Forest Service to conduct business such as Yoga, Vortex, and Shamanic ceremonial activities in the Red Rock District of the Coconino National Forest. This very special permit not only allows us to take you to some of the most beautiful places on Earth, but it also allows us to leave the main trails and do our tours in private locations. As a permitted company, we adhere to regulations that require liability insurance, professional training for all guides, and ongoing trail maintenance. The fees we pay to the Forest Service contribute to the conservation and protection of these unique resources.

Many feel that upon their departure they are equipped with new tools and insights that they can utilize in their everyday lives. Sedona, Arizona is known as one of the main retreat capitals of the world. Literally, people travel from all over the planet just to find a way to reconnect to the Mind, Body, and Spirit through the vortex energy. Sedona Vortex Adventures has a Mind, Body, Spirit focus based on a yogic holistic approach. All you have to do is give us a call and we will talk with you in order to book the most fabulous package possible.


Meet the Owner

Sedona Vortex Adventures owner katherine lash

Leading you to Sedona’s Vortex

Katherine Lash, Sedona Vortex Adventures’ Owner of the one and only Vortex Tour Centers in Sedona that provides personalized transformative experiences in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Katherine is blessed to share this work with an amazing community of healers, teachers, and guides who make it all possible. Over the years, Sedona Vortex Adventures owner, Katherine Lash, has used her intuitive skills and dedication to quality in order to hand-pick her facilitators.

Katherine is an Arizona native who earned a BS in Education and a BS in Metaphysics from the University of Northern Arizona. Katherine also earned a minor in Art which allows her to create powerful adventures and encourage others to live an “artful” life.

Having taught secondary education for over 15 years, Katherine has a background in curriculum development and strengths as a teacher.  Her foreign travels to the East provide for cultural diversity and appreciation of all peoples and cultures.

Katherine also learned the power of interaction with Nature and how Nature can change people’s lives. This is why she developed the 4 elements tour and various vortex tours. These are not passive experiences where you just snap some photos, they are experiences where your guide leads you to deeper insights about yourself.

Katherine has a personal devotion to leading people to their own truths. She provides adventures where friends and family can create new and powerful bonds. Our tours create powerful memories appreciated over a lifetime.

Katherine Lash has operated SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats since 2007 and has expanded her business to incorporate Sedona Vortex Adventures in an attempt to share the sacred red rock vortexes of Sedona.  

The mission of Sedona Vortex Adventures is to provide a quality experience to encourage reconnection with the self and form lasting bonds with family & friends.

Let us Customize Your Tour

Night Sky Adventure Sedona Tour

Amazing outdoor sessions

Cathedral Adventure at Vortex Sites in Sedona

Join us for a powerful ceremony with the magnificent Cathedral Mountain in the distance. We offer adventures loved by both youth and the more mature adventurer. Each session is private and may consist of one person or a private small group. We arrange these in advance and cannot always guarantee perfect weather. However, Arizona is known for its sunny skies and perfect conditions 90% of the time. Whether you choose this adventure on your own or with your party (group) we provide an experience you won’t forget. With previous planning, we can incorporate blackjacks for your adventure or yoga mats. Just let us know what you would like. We also provide blankets to sit on, let us know if you would like us to include these. Otherwise, enjoy sitting or lying directly on the red rocks and absorbing the Vortex vibration of Sedona.

Yoga on Red Rocks of SedonaYoga on The Red Rocks of Sedona

We hold a very special permit with the Coconino Forest Service. This allows us to take our guests to private spots out on the Red Rocks of Sedona. Our private adventures are customized to fit your needs. Just call our office and let us know what type of activity you are interested in. Do you seek meditation? Would you love to participate in yoga? Would you like some spiritual coaching? We listen to your needs for your experience.

*We conduct activities on Public Land under permit with the Coconino National Forest.