The Four Elements Vortex Ceremony Tour

 Sedona Vortex Adventures has access to exclusive vortex locations in the sacred red rocks of Sedona. There are a vast number of Sedona Vortex hikes throughout the area that will allow our clients to experience the four elements, including ancient healing grounds perched within the sandstone cliffs. Sedona Arizona has always been a sacred place to the Native American as they considered the area to be the birthplace of their spirituality. The natives sanctified the area for special spiritual ceremonies as they experienced deep spirit here, buried beneath the red rocks, the earth emanating a sacred high vibrational energy to the air.  Many of these ceremonies include the four elements that they believed to be essential to life. All things visible and invisible originate from only one source of life. Thus, the four faces of all-including unity, out of which the elements arose, enable man to develop spiritual consciousness and become aware of this unity of the elements.

Fire, water, air and earth manifests as follows: the element of water has magnetic properties which is known to nurture and all us to endure. The element of fire has electrical properties which is know to all us to be creative. Air is a detaching element and allows co-existence of the two main elements, fire and water. The element of earth binds fire, water and air making it possible to create the formation of materials with different properties.

  • Shamanic ceremony with The Element of Water
  • Shamanic ceremony with The Element of Fire
  • Shamanic ceremony with The Element of Air

Balance Through the Four Elements

Four Elements Ceremony with Sedona Vortex Adventures
Balancing the four elements is the key to an energized life. The four elements can be applied in our personal lives.  Earth is the body.  Air is thought. Water is emotion.  Fire is the vitality of life force.  When one out of balance in your life there is struggle.  Too much earth creates a person to become obsessed with the body, whether they hate or love it.  Too much air causes people to think and worry, leaving them detached from their emotions.  Too little air brings forth thoughtless destructiveness.  Too much water causes people to be engulfed by surges of emotions.  Too little water makes for a person not to feel life.  Too much fire creates extremists and too little removes the passion of life.

The four essential elements exist in all of us and their unique combinations determine our distinct personalities. These elements represent energy and symbolize different facets of human life. They all come from nature. By connecting with them and understanding their presence in us, we become aware of our connection with nature and our relationship with the divine.

Let Sedona Vortex Adventures guide you into the aligning of yourself with Earth, Fire, Water and Air, on this Four Element Vortex Ceremony, bringing together balance and harmony within.

The Four Elements Vortex Ceremony Details

Sedona Vortex Adventures Four Elements Vortex Ceremony helps to bring balance, healing, and strength into oneself and heighten the connection to all life. We will honor and celebrate the elements, and explore them in depth through meditation, nature immersion, letting go, breath-work, and creating new intentions.

Medicine Wheel

Start your Four Elements Vortex Ceremony as your Sedona Vortex Adventures Shamanic Guide takes you to a Medicine Wheel where you will learn how a Medicine Wheel is a physical manifestation of Spiritual energy.

Experience the Medicine Wheel Four Elements Ceremony

It is a mirror in which you can better SEE what is going on within your personal life. It is a wheel of protection which enables you to gather surrounding energies into a focal point and to commune with Spirit, Self, Nature, and the Four Elements – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.……..Creation! It helps you with your “Vision,” to see exactly where you are and in which areas you need to develop in order to realize your full life purpose and life potential.

Drumming and Meditation

You will then go into the Sacred Canyons of Sedona on this Four Elements Vortex Ceremony and discover the quiet place inside yourself. Let your connection with yourself, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

Shamanic Ceremony of the Four Elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

prepare you for an astounding release. Begin to find clarity and peace of mind through drumming and meditation as playing the drum is a primal experience that’s both healing and empowering. The key to understanding all forms of life is to realize that the universe is made up of vibrational energy and the Four Elements. The constant rhythm of Shamanic drumming can induce an altered state of consciousness that opens a doorway into that world.

Creating New Intentions

To conclude your Four Elements Vortex Ceremony, your Shamanic Guide will guide you to release your past through the Four Elements and create new intentions through Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.  For balance, you will ground yourself in the Earth, receiving her full embrace of all the beauty that grows within it.

Four Elements Clearing Ceremony

From there, feel the flow of water cleansing your emotional and physical body, and igniting your passion and creativity.  Embrace fire as it will transmute negative vibrations to positive vibrations and to the light. We will then merge with the element of air by continually breathing in life force on the in-breath and sending love on the out-breath. Paying closer attention to the miracle of breathing helps you access your light within, so you can become more freely in your life.

Gratitude Alter

Giving Gratitude for Life

We will conclude your Four Elements Vortex Ceremony in gratitude; you will construct a ceremonial altar made of natural materials and the Four Sacred Elements. This will be a life changing Four Elements Vortex Ceremony unlike any other you have ever experienced.

The Four Elements Ceremony with Sedona Vortex Adventures on the Red Rocks

Reaffirm that connection of the Four Elements and awaken a glorious sense of freedom in your life as you surrender to natural cycles and high vibrations of the Universe.

The Four Elements Vortex Ceremony with Sedona Vortex Adventures