Manipura, the third chakra, is the seat of the will. It’s bold yellow color denotes this chakra’s thirdchakrayellowpowerful energy. Yellow represents the rising energy of spring: it’s buoyancy, activity, and creativity. It is achievement-oriented, bold, and blooming. This chakra, if it could talk, would say, YES. Yes I will, yes I can. It’s position in-between the seat of our desires and the heart chakra, at the Solar Plexus, makes it the place that links the lower chakras with the upper. It links our past and our desires with our purpose and spiritual/intellectual natures. It is the seat of action.

Pitta Dosha

This chakra corresponds with pitta dosha in ayurvedic medicine and theory. Pitta is fire. If your third chakra is out of balance you may either feel depleted, unmotivated, insecure or angry, intense, and aggressive. It also rules the metabolism and digestion. If you feel this chakra is out of balance, there are some simple exercise you can do to get in better touch with your body and inner systems, and help find peace/healing and a place to rest your meditation.

Exercise: What’s Holding you Back?

Get out a piece of paper, in a clean, clutter-free environment, and write down your major obstacles in life. Where/when do you say, No. Nope, not for me: I can’t. I won’t. (But I want to) What’s holding you back? After you write a few things down (do this fast, don’t over-think), close your eyes. Hold the question in your mind: what is holding me back, what is limiting me, where have I given up or lack courage? Notice your initial answer, don’t hold back or judge. Where do you feel this question in your body? Does a certain place call out to you?

pitta dosha sedona

You may feel drawn to other chakras, but if it hits you “in the gut” you are probably in the realm of the third chakra. If you are, place your hand just above your navel. Breathe deeply into this area noticing what is present for you. Nothing has to change. Whatever you experience is just as it should be.

Trust the Body, It’s Always Present

Now as you breathe, call the obstacle to mind again and notice your feelings, notice your physical reaction. Move your attention to the part of your body that calls to you. If you are still on the third chakra, whisper to yourself: I can, I will. Feel your spine straighten as you say these affirmations. Then notice how you feel.

It’s very important to honor how and what you feel, and to stay in the body. You may feel emotions in this exercise, but don’t get caught up in the emotional story. Feel what it is to experience your emotions in your body. What does sadness feel in the body? What does anger feel like in the body? What does confusion feel like in the body?vortex

Find Your Warrior

As you come to accept and honor your feelings, without jumping into the story, as you face your feelings (often a bit uncomfortable) with courage and bravery, you strengthen your core, your seat of will and strength. With this exercise you find a place of soft, loving acceptance couched in the heart of the warrior, one who never looks away from the present moment, one that doesn’t wait for the perfect moment, for comfort. One that yells: I CAN.

Be kind to yourself, and in this kindness grow into your inner power, say YES more often. Check out our Solar Plexus Chakra Tour.