People come from all over the world to Sedona to experience the magic and scenery that is inspiring and breathtaking. Hence, many people come for mountain biking and to experience the land and diverse trails that cover the red rocks of Sedona. But while you are here to ride and challenge yourself on your bike, I invite you to merge a meditation practice with your mountain biking. Some may see mountain biking as a fast pace, high-intensity sport, which it can be. Some even say it is dangerous and has profoundly serious ramifications if one was to fall. However, I would like to explore the concept of mountain biking and meditation. Ultimately, this type of riding is calm, focused, relaxed, and with intention. Riding your mountain bike with simple pure intention can be deeply profound and healing. 

Red rocks of Sedona-Mountain Biking
Sedona Arizona red rocks, perfect for mindful riding

Active Meditation

Meditation does not have to be a silent and still activity. Basically, you can bring mindfulness into everything you do.  All it takes is a quieting of the mind and a distinctive focus. While on your bike you can keep your present mind and thoughts on the path ahead. With a deep and steady glair, you are planning and examining the trail. This intensive focus, with decisive quick planning, is extremely healthy for the conscious mind. I believe that this is a unique and perfect environment to practice truly living in the moment. Therefore, this is also an opportunity to start to train your thoughts and tap into your subconscious mind. I believe this is a perfect way to unite the mind, body, and spirit. 

Instructions for Mindful Mountain Biking

To do this practice you will focus your eyes on the earth (on the trial), your mind is planning, scanning, and choosing the best and the smoothest path forward. You are only focusing on where you want to go. If you take your eye off of the trail and look over to a cliff, your body will follow. As if you have tunnel vision, you are choosing the best and safest path for you to take. I invite you to use your mountain biking as a chance to be at one with your body and nature. Not slipping into frantic thought, not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.

The land of Sedona-Mountain Biking
Sedona, home to Arizona’s deepest healing centers

Your conscious mind is running the show and doing so rather quickly. Now, as you are riding, it is important to tap into each of your amazing senses. We were given each of our senses for a profound reason. Each had its place, so with the same focus and determination as you have with your glare on the trail you will start to bring awareness to your subconscious and body. You can do this by feeling the sensations on your skin. Is the air cold or hot? Is there a breeze in the air? How tight of a grip do you have on your handlebars? How do your toes feel within the socks that you are wearing? Mind that you are doing these steps as you are riding, and I suggest trying this on a familiar trail, so that you already know what to expect, in terms of the trail. 

The Power of Breath During Mountain Biking

Next will be to tap into your breath, and breathe through your nose. Do you smell anything? Does the air have any moisture in it? Is the air hot and arid? Then after registering smells and the thickness of the air that you are breathing, you will tap into your hearing. What sounds can you register? Can you decern five different sounds? For example, your tires as they roll over the rocks and dirt, the sound of birds in the distance, the sound of the air passing over your ears, and your helmet. After bringing awareness to your whole being, it is time to tap into your intuition and deep inner knowing. Are you happy about this ride? Feeling at peace? Are you able to let things go and genuinely enjoy your time in nature? Are you alright with the silence and simplicity of this exercise?

Your Thoughts Don’t Define You

This is a wonderful way to move out of a crazy irrational mind and move more into your heart and body. Many times, people believe that their thoughts define them, and they allow themselves to think about any thought that comes in. I honestly believe that you can control and choose to think powerful, loving, and accepting thoughts. I am sure that you have heard that it is a good thing to “live in the moment,” however, that can be an abstract and interesting topic. How can we do this . . . be in the moment and still plan and dream for my future? How can I be in the moment if I have wounds from my past that are still affecting my identity?

A mountain bike on a Sedona trail-Sedona Vortex Adventures

Well, I believe that it is within a daily practice of mindfulness that you can put into place as a disincline. It does not have to be an hour-long meditation with your eyes closed in the lotus position. It can be any activity that brings you joy; all you have to do is follow the steps that I have listed above. While you are gardening, you can do the same thing! Deep focus, controlling the narrative in the mind, and tapping into your senses. This is a way to be in the “now”. Once you have become “trained” to do this, you can bring your awareness and presence of mind into everything you do. From eating to parenting, to work, school, and even integrating this practice into a stressful situation. 

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