Tlaquepaque (pronounced T-la-keh-pah-keh) is Sedona’s premier outdoor shopping center. Under the shade of old sycamores enjoy strolling cobbled paths next to Oak Creek while you explore galleries and unique shops. The name Tlaquepaque derives from Nahuatl, and ancient Aztec language, and means “the best of everything.”

Founded as an artist community

It was founded by Abe Miller, lover of the arts, and named after a city in Mexico that exemplified, to it’s creator, the ideal artists community. Miller envisioned a cultural center where artists would create on location under Sedona’s beautiful red sandstone. Sedona was the “clay land” on which this cultural center was imagined in the 1970s. Even though it has changed and evolved from Miller’s original vision, it is still a unique experience.

Variety and Quality

Tlaquepaque was designed to look like a traditional Mexican village, and each beautiful arch way seems to invite you further into the magnificent grounds. Local artists are often at work and you can stop in to admire their progress. At Tlaquepaque you will find breathtaking artwork in every medium from stone to blown glass, painting to traditional ceramics, traditional native art to large format photography. Often local musicians are playing around different court-yards, magnifying the celebration of art and beauty that is Tlaquepaque. With over 50 stores and galleries, you can find custom silk and leather pieces, as well as whimsical gift collections. Even if shopping isn’t your thing, you can’t miss walking the gorgeous grounds at this famous Sedona landmark.