Essential Oils: Used Many Years for Many Things

The first record of essential oils was found on cave wall drawings in Dordogne, France, and dates back to 20,000 years. History records confirm the Egyptians used essential oils as early as 4,500 B.C. Evidence has been found in many of the old tombs of the pharaohs. During the biblical times, the priests in Egypt utilized Essential Oils in the temples for ceremonies, offerings, and anointing. Markedly, the creation and distillation of oils throughout history produced many benefits for the world. These include improving physical and mental health to deepening the mind into the Spiritual realm.

How Essential Oils Are Made

Small bottle of an essential oil-essential oilsThe essence of Essential Oils involves the extraction or concentration of a plant in its highest form. There are three main ways of performing this task of extracting the oil, such as Distillation, Expression, and Solvent Extraction.

Distillation is the most cost-effective and widely used process. This involves inserting the plant you wish to extract the oil from into a heat source . . . usually steam. Specifically, the heat causes the plant’s small sacs containing Essential Oil to rupture and the oils are released into vapor form. In the condenser, the vapors are converted back into a liquid containing the essential oil.

How We Respond to Essential Oils

A few small bottled of essential oils-Sedona Vortex AdventuresBasically, essential oils send responses to the brain that can create various effects on the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Each different essential oil works distinctively on various parts of the physical and emotional body. The oils have a strong and immediate effect because they are absorbed through the skin or inhalation. Therefore, nerves and hormones are activated and neurotransmitters are released.

Utilizing essential oils for Spiritual Connection to One’s Self and the Spiritual Realm has been around since the beginning of time. Moreover, these oils were used by Native Americans, Shamans, and during Biblical times to remove obstacles to spirituality.  Some of the better-known Essential Oils that are utilized today for Meditation and Spiritual Connection are described below.

Assisting With Deeper Spiritual Connection


A pile of Frankincense-Essential Oils

Frankincense is known as the “Oil of Truth”.  The aroma of Frankincense assists in reducing our stress and bringing us to a deeper meditative state. As we release our day-to-day feelings, insecurities, and fears, we open ourselves to the spiritual realm of connection with the Self.


A handful of Myrr-Essential OilsFor many centuries Myrrh has been used in ceremonies as a form of purifying the sacred space. Myrrh is said to fortify the inner connection of the Crown Chakra (Spiritual Realm) and Root Chakra (Physical). The scent of myrrh oil creates a sense of tranquility and serenity over the body, helping us release fear.

Clary Sage

Blossoms of Clary Sage-Sedona Vortex AdventuresNative Americans and Shamans used Clary Sage for clearing and creating sacred spaces for ceremonies. Clary Sage assists in achieving balance, spiritual clarity, and spiritual cleansing of the body and mind through healing ceremonies and meditation.

Palo Santo

small pile of Palo Santo-Sedona Vortex AdventuresPalo Santo is known as “Holy Wood” as it is taken from the heartwood of the Palo Santo tree. This herb is used in opening the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and allows a deeper connection to the Spiritual Realm. Creating a safe space for a spiritual connection to the Divine, this grounding and calming oil removes negative energy.   Palo Santo is used for clearing space much the same as the Shaman utilizes Sage.


Rosewood-Essential OilsRosewood Oil is very useful in meditations as it promotes the raising of your vibration, bringing you deep within yourself. Even though it is uplifting, it is not intense, allowing you to gain and access deep inner perspectives effortlessly. Rosewood affects the Heart Chakra allowing us to connect to our feminine, creative, and emotional side. This oil is a great tool for Spiritual Healing to restore balance and harmony.

There are many other great Essential Oils to assist one’s journey in life, depending on where you are and what you are facing. Additionally, other Essential Oils worth looking for Spiritual Connection or Spiritual Healing include Sandalwood, Lavender, Spikenard, Bergamot, Peppermint, and Cedar Wood just to name a few.