Not exercising was recently found to be as bad for you as smoking. Yes, you read that right. The choice to forego daily sweat is as bad a heath choice you can make. And the reverse is also true: no amount of exercise was found to be not beneficial. Extreme athletes are more healthy than fitness junkies (although the benefit is small). What isn’t small, however, is the benefit the even moderately active hold over the sedentary.
In Sedona we have it easy, we know. The skies are blue, the trails are just out back, and they are breathtaking all the time. They never old. But now that there really isn’t any excuse anymore, even for those with grayer skies and icy winters: get up, get moving, or choose health problems on par with diabetes.

Secrets of an exercise junkie

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As a person that loves exercise and considers it the best part of everyday, I thought I’d share a few secrets for those less motivated. Number One: Do what you love! I love to hike and mountain bike, outside. I consider this play time. I hike and/or bike (or ski) everyday of the year no matter the weather because I’ve learned that watching the counter on a machine is less fun than sub zero wind, and I do it less long. Outside, a 30 minute workout feels like nothing. So get outside to add extra minutes almost effortlessly.
It does more than just distract you, nature is surprising, interesting, and alive! Today I saw a bald eagle, and thought I felt a cougar watching me. Probably my imagination, but exciting anyway! Even the more awful experiences (like that subzero wind) is exhilarating and after the ordeal I feel noticeably more alive than if I stuck with the safe and sane, but numbifying, elliptical machine.

The fitter you are, the more energy you have

So find something you like and get outside more often, what else? Well, the fitter you are the more energy you have! So start where you are at and be okay with it, after a week or two, you will notice a difference, and they you can do more. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Get in the grove: new habits

You can’t love what you don’t know. Most people I talk to that are sedentary came from sedentary families: you do what you know. Overcoming habits can take tremendous energy at first, but establishing a new habit is worth it. But you won’t stick with it if every workout is drudgery. While I’d be lying if I said literally every workout is a joy, I still have little problem getting out there, partly out of habit. I brush my teeth daily, I exercise daily. It’s that important. So get in a routine.

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Learn something new, play

So how else can you make getting your daily exercise fun? Take classes! Do ski classes or mountain bike classes. Join a running group or gym. Try pilates, or dance: try new things! You are bound to find something that fits you and that motivates you to HAVE FUN. Exercise should be the BEST part of the day. All of us were kids once, and that kid is still in you somewhere. Let yourself play.

Take Active Vacations

Finally, solidify your intentions and motivate in a deep way by taking active vacations. Structure your vacation around adventure. The body and mind relax best AFTER a workout, and inspiration is energizing. A vacation centered around getting outside, connecting with nature, trying new fun activities that challenge your heart, body, and soul are the best way to get really motived to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sedona is a good choice:

And of course, how could I not fail to remind you that if you are looking for a place to hike, mountain bike, or rock climb or do outdoor yoga, at all levels, the Sedona area is accessible, beautiful, and inspiring. You can’t go wrong, with hundreds of trails, each and every one is gem. Sedona Vortex Adventure guides can help you find the best spots, and you can also throw in healing or wellness sessions out on the land or at our center.
Whatever you do, wherever you go, make movement an expression of joy, not drudgery.