Solider Pass Trail is one of the most beautiful, accessible, and popular hikes in Sedona. Despite it’s soldiers-pass-sedona-hike-tourpopularity, most times of year you will only pass a handful of hikers once you get past the first mile. The trail passes by the famous Sedona sinkhole, climbs on up slick rock, then drops down into a lovely shaded canyon, passing by the beautiful Sacred Seven Pools. The trail culminates at Solider’s pass, a magnificent 360 view of Sedona and surrounding red rocks and high desert. The trail optionally continues to Brins Mesa Trail.

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Always bring more water than you think you’ll need. It’s hot, and when it isn’t hot, it’s still dry.

Dehydration can cause life-threatening emergencies. Always sign-in at the trailhead so First Responders and rangers know where you went. Stay away from cliff edges and never, ever approach or feed wildlife. Wear sunscreen, the combination of clear sky and altitude causes rapid and severe burns.


To get to the trailhead take Solider’s Pass Road a couple miles and then take a right on Shadow Rock drive. You will see signs for the trailhead which is about a quarter mile on the left.


Take the Solider Pass Trail at the trailhead. You will drop down and then climb out onto Slickrock again. sedona-vortex-hikeThis beautiful landmark is called Devil’s Kitchen. Jeeps often come here for tours, but most likely the only sign you will see of them are their tracks on the slick rock. Veering left, you will next pass the Sedona sink hole before hiking along slick rock again. Soon the trail drops down and you hike up a drainage for a while. Enjoy the Arizona Cyprus trees! Keep your eyes out for the trail marker here, and avoid climbing out of the drainage too soon.

After about a mile you will begin to climb again. Keep your eyes open for pool of water, available during some seasons. You can climb down to the pool and discover more! Water is precious in this part of the world, and these pools sustain wildlife. Enjoy the unique pleasure of water in the high desert.

Now the trail gets steeper and the view evolves. You can see the Colorado Plateau off to the right rimmed with ponderosa pines. Soon the trail comes to the saddle and this is Soldier’s Pass. A small mesa sits off to the left, for an added adventure, find your way to the top for breathtaking views. Remember to stay away from the edge!



If you are still up for hiking, and want to do a wonderful loop, continue down to Brins Mesa Trail, take a right, and it will lead you to Jordan trail, which then leads back to Solider’s Pass trail at Devil’s Kitchen.

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