We get a lot of questions about the weather from clients, especially regarding the winter months in Sedona. The holidays and new year are a magical time, offering some vacation and school-free opportunities. However, you are most likely wondering if winter is really the best time to visit Sedona. 

Snow on red rocks in Sedona-
Beautiful Sedona Vortex in the Snow

Winter in Sedona is Full of Surprises

It’s true that Sedona’s arid climate causes temperature fluctuations that are surprising. With its red rocks, cactus, agave, and manzanita, most picture Sedona as hot and it’s true . . . July, August, and September sometimes leave you running for a siesta during midday. While winter temps can plummet to around freezing, it’s just as common for the daytime temperature can escalate to the 60s and 70s. Last winter I was mountain biking in January, in a t-shirt. In other winters we have had a foot of snow linger for a week. Snow plows come down from Flagstaff and clear the roads if they get hazardous. Usually though, if it snows in Sedona, the warm sun has melted it all away within a few short hours.

Experience the Majestic Winter in Sedona

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to predict the weather and it comes down to luck. However, if you are active, the temperature is never too cold to hike, bike, or rock climb. In fact, nothing (and I mean nothing) is more awe-inducing than the rare dusting of snow on the red rocks of Sedona. If you are lucky enough to experience this majesty, I doubt you will begrudge the accompanying drop in temperatures. Just yesterday I was out hiking in one of those snow dustings, and mountain bikers were already out at 8 am.
So no matter the temps, you are virtually guaranteed a blue sky for at least some of your stay. It snows one day and is 60 degrees the next. Occasionally we even have a few 80-degree days during winter in Sedona. Many people have a tradition of hiking on Christmas Day here. Being in nature on such a special day feels very sacred and uplifting.

Winter in Sedona is a Perfect Time

Snow blanketing the ground-Winter is Sedona
Close-up of snow crystals on manzanita

Personally, I never miss a day outside in Sedona, 365 days a year. So bring your layers and outdoor gear and just do it. From the perspective of a resident of Sedona, winter is my favorite season. It’s never too hot, and the air is crystal clear, free of all pollen and dust. Of course, we are spoiled with year-round good weather in Sedona. As we move further past the new year, the temps increase rapidly into spring.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Never Sleeps

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