Welcome to a Sedona Vortex Adventures Vacation!

Are you looking for a journey where you feel deeply satisfied as you connect with the earth around you? Would you love to feel the energy from the sacred sites, and re-connect with your own inner self?  If so, Sedona Vortex Adventures will guide you on a vacation experience from which you will return home happier and healthier forever changed from your experience.

Are you interested in a Sacred Spiritual Ceremony?

Sedona Vortex Adventures Ceremony

Sedona Vortex Adventures will tour you to powerful energy vortexes, off the beaten path, that have been specifically chosen for their energy and which are private spots to learn spiritual teachings of the universe.
Experience an exclusive ceremony in the vortexes such as chakra balancing, drumming, emotional clearing, or even a four elements ceremony where you will engage in life changing skills to get in touch with your soul, and tune up your spiritual connectiveness to nature and your surroundings. Our tour guides will find the perfect spot for you to sit and meditate, focus your intent, and expand your awareness.

Are you interested in a Unique Vortex Land Tour?

Long Canyon Vortex Tour

Book a tour and our specialized guides will treat you on a journey under Sedona’s electric blue sky and into a red rock canyon where local wildlife flourishes, vast views are unlimited, and learn about the history and geology of this unique area.

As premier Sedona experience specialists, we are here to help you make the most of your time in Sedona. We can help you to make your vacation more than a passive experience. From custom, off-the-beaten path tours to outdoor ceremonial healing sessions to a spa-like experience, we have something for you, and the family too!