History of Shamanic Drumming

Ancient Tribe Shamanic Drumming Ceremony Sedona Vortex Advenutres

Spiritual Journeys, inner connection, dream states, trance-induction, and healing have been attained through the use of Shamanic Drumming.  These Drumming Ceremonies are among the oldest and most extensive methods of healing known to civilization.   However, not only for healing, but to carry the Shaman to trance-induced states of consciousness, where they would communicate with Ancestral and Nature Spirits.

Many tribes used drums in ceremonies and celebrations to call Spirits, and to help people directly connect with the Spiritual World.

Giving Gratitude for Life

It was acknowledged that Drums were a tool to talk to this Spiritual World through different tempos and tones, as all the Universe is seen as a single, flowing, vibrational being.

Many believe the world was created through vibration and is interesting to observe that humans can be altered by beating the drum, which in hand alters the vibration state of their being.  The sound waves create a conduit between one world to another, or as the Shaman believed, sound opens a tunnel through which the Spiritual Universe can connect to us.

Shamanic Drumming Journey

During a Shamanic Drumming Ceremony different parts of the drum are beat to create various levels of vibration allowing connection to either the Spiritual Animals or Spiritual Guides, dependent on the tone of the beat.

When the Shaman wishes to enter states of dreams, visions, and trances with spirit guides a higher tone is beat out on the drum.  Ancient tribes experienced a deep connection to the spirit guides as these ethereal beings came forth through a higher vibration, thus, the belief they are from the higher world.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Shamanic Drumming Ceremony

If the intent of the drumming ceremony is to meet your spirit animal, a lower tone is drummed out, as spirit animals are believed to be found in the lower world.  Shamanism believes that all of us have one or more power animals that can be accessed for insight and/or healing through Shamanic Ceremonies or Journeys.

Consequently, the spirit world allows us to communicate with them through subtle variations in the sound of the drum…that is the belief anyway…. Shamanic Drumming is a perfect medium for this, as sound has no barriers in either world, only various vibrational levels.

Performing a Shamanic Drumming Ceremony

Normally, shamanic drumming ceremonies begin with clearing the mind and focusing on an intention while on the Shamanic Journey. The drumming is performed at a steady beat between 150 – 220 beats per minute, dependent on the time in the ceremony.  It is at this level where the brain will slowly shift into the theta state.  During this state the person begins to experience vivid sensations and sounds and as they continue to traveling deeper into the journey.  Many times, it has been said that the person will enter into the spirit world through nature as this is our closest spiritual bond.  The person continues to focus on the Shamanic Journey through breathing into their heart space and focusing the mind on their intention.

Shamanic Drumming Ceremony with Sedona Vortex AdventuresIndividuals will discover which of the senses are heightened in this state – sight, hearing, sensation, even smell. The sensory experiences that take place in a shamanic journey all have meaning.  Whether the shamanic journey goes to spiritual animals or spiritual guides there will be a myriad of things to experience and discover when in this realm. Thus, the reason for setting an intention prior to the journey; to keep focus on the wisdom sent from the spiritual world. All the sensory wisdom and messages brought forth creates a deeper understanding of one’s self. If you can relax, and allow yourself to let go, it’s possible for you to visit your dream world, and or an altered state of being.

To sum up: a Shamanic Journey allows us to connect into the spiritual realms of higher consciousness where wisdom, healing and an understanding of true self transpires.  Shamanic Drumming awakens the capability to commune with the Inner-Self for deeply profound Personal Growth.