Ridge Trail is a secret gem, highly accessible from the heart of West Sedona behind Sedona Vortex Adventures retreat center and office! From our office at 75 Kallof Place, pull forward behind the Walgreens and exit the parking lot on Sunset, taking a left. After half a mile turn right at Sunset park and park here. Walk over the bridges behind the tennis courts and come out on Shelby road. Turn left on Shelby and be on the lookout for a tiny parking lot about 25 yards down the road. This lot is usually full, which is one reason to start from the park or even our office, if you are a Sedona Vortex Adventures or SpiritQuest guest.

The Trail Old Post also begins from here, and is also a wonderful option, although Ridge offers up spectacular views faster. Follow Ridge trail, which is on the left and crosses many arroyos, usually dry. If it’s been raining, sometimes the arroyos are full, but usually easy to cross anyway, however if it is monsoon season be aware these arroyos can be raging.

Ridge climbs steadily, and like most trails in Sedona, is rocky. You will being hiking on the edge of Carroll Canyon, a breathtaking arroyo practically in Sedona. Notice the trail Sketch on the right, as this is an exciting option for a loop. Ridge tops out with breathtaking views of Cathedral and Bell Rock, as well as Oak Creek. It comes out on Upper Red Rock Loop Road. The drop down to the road is extremely steep, so feel free to turn around after the views.

Sketch Loop: Taking Sketch trail, follow until you meet Red Rock Loop Road. This trail is extremely steeply downhill. Once on the road, take a left and look for the ridge trail head up the road on the left to return, or continue on to Secret Slickrock.

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