Adobe Jack Trail is a fun trail leaving right from Sedona. It’s convenient for those staying in the resorts around Tlaquepaque. It’s a meandering trail, without steep or intimidating climbs (just some short ones to get the heart rate going). To get to the trailhead, head southwest past the Sedona “Y” (Junction of 89A and 179) as if you were headed into West Sedona. The Adobe Jack Trailhead is about a half-mile from the Y on the right.

Parking, Views, and VolcanosView of Red Rocks from a Trail-Sedona Vortex Adventures

There isn’t much parking, but it isn’t usually busy. The parking lot is paved and views are readily apparent from the get-go. The trail immediately drops into a gorge, then climbs steeply, but not for long. Be sure to stay on Adobe Jack Trail, as there are many side trails here that loop and connect. The views from this trail are stunning as you hike under the Mogollon Rim. See if you can notice the crust of lava metamorphic rock on the very top layers. This is left over from when the San Francisco peaks erupted, covering the soft, sedimentary (red) layers below in lava. While this eruption occurred .4-1 million years ago, a nearby crater, Sunset crater erupted only about 1000 years ago. Local tribes were present for this eruption and the lore has been passed down through the generations.

Tibetan Bowls at Adobe Jack Trail

Soon the trail dips into a pleasant wash, offering some shade. Often you can hear Tibetan bowls hum through this section of trail, which is a magical experience! The trail then gets playful as it twists and undulated through the mesquite and cypress forest. Watch out for mountain bikes on this part of the trail, as they enjoy this winding section.
Now the trail rises steeply onto the slick rock. You are now at the famous Red Rock sinkhole. You will see where the Jeep Tours have colored the Red Rocks black. Turn around now or continue your hike via Soldier’s Pass Trail, which forms a long loop. Take the Soldier’s pass trail out, and return on the Brins Mesa Trail, taking the Cibola Pass trail to rejoin with Adobe Jack.
Alternatively, you can turn around here. Then on the way back, take Grand Central Trail. This roughly parallels Adobe Jack, eventually running into Crusty trail. Take Crusty to find your way back to Adobe Jack, which is near the Trailhead where you began.

Sedona Vortex Adventure’s Ceremonies, Guides, and Sessionsshadow of a person hiking on a trail-Adobe Jack Trail

While Sedona’s trails are pretty accessible, many feel more comfortable with a guide. At Sedona Vortex Adventures, we know the best-hidden gems around Sedona, we offer unique ceremonies out on the land to give an unforgettable experience to your stay in Sedona. We offer indoor sessions, as well, at our sister Retreat Center. So, with Sedona Vortex Adventures you could do a drum ceremony out on the land, for example, then return for a chakra balancing, massage, or one of our hundreds of sessions.
Whatever you decide, have fun out there and be safe! Please respect our lovely shared public lands.