Make the most of your Sedona adventure, here’s our quick handy guide, and how we can make your vacation complete.

Sedona offers a great vacation destination and experience. Hiking, mountain biking, world class beauty and weather, and a unique local culture. This high desert wonderland won’t disappoint.

During the spring, fall, and winter, hike anytime. During the summer, the hiking is best in the morning or late afternoon. Summer temps are usually in the high 90s. Winter temps are usually in the 40-60s. It rarely rains, but if you are visiting during monsoon season (July and August) be aware that rains can come in fast and downpour, though this storm usually only lasts one to two hours. Don’t let the monsoons deter you, however, as the smell (due to a chemical release by greasewood) is unusual and divine! Also, the monsoons create a welcome reprieve from the heat.

Local Favorites and Guides

A local favorite hiking area is out Dry Creek Road. Here you will find many hiking and biking trails. A Red Rock pass is required for this area and there are vending machines in the parking lots. A guide is not necessary, but can make the experience much easier and more fun. Our expert guides have lived in the Sedona area for years, if not decades. Not only do they know choice and isolated areas that trails don’t touch (or are not well-traveled), but they know about the history, geology, biology, and spiritual history of the area. They know how to keep you safe, and how to access the best areas and vortex without damaging your car.

Add something special to your tour

A guided meditation or yoga on the rocks is also a wonderful addition to your vacation experience! Can you imagine a custom yoga session with Sedona views? The red rocks are often flat on top and make for an exquisite platform for yoga and rocks

Make your hike even more interesting by including a healing ceremony. The sound of drums and flutes echoing off the red rocks is an unforgettable experience, sure to inspire. After your hike, enjoy a massage, chakra clearing, or other treatment of your choice.

Dark Sky City

Sedona is an official dark sky city. Expect to see stars like you’ve never experienced, and night hiking can be an adventurous and exciting option. Be sure to bring headlamps and let someone know where you plan on going, or hire a guide.


You may see coyote, raccoon, bob cats, hawks, snakes of all kinds, including rattle snakes, jack rabbits, skunks, javelina, deer, and maybe even mountain lion. Do not feed the wildlife under any circumstances!

Health Consciousness!

Sedona is a health conscious community and you will find plenty of hip new restaurants, along with gourmet cuisine. Check out the Local Juicery and Chocola tree. Stop by Lulu’s Cacao Lounge for a special raw chocolate treat. Our practitioners can also offer you a custom class on nutrition to jump start your vitality.

Whatever you choose to do in Sedona, have fun and be safe. We are happy to share our home with you.