Sedona’s reputation is world-renown, not only for its unique, stunning beauty, but also as a spiritual mecca. It has drawn some of the world’s most gifted intuitive, artists, guides, and healers. This small town, population just over 10,000, is alive with those who come to soak up a little of its magic and those whose purpose is to help communicate that magic to guests. These guides come from many different walks of life and backgrounds. While many of our guides at Sedona Vortex Adventures use Shamanic methods that celebrate our connection to nature and its healing powers, we also have guides from extremely diverse backgrounds. Thus, with Sedona Vortex Adventures you can get out on the land, but also come back to our beautiful retreat center for additional sessions, whether they are more healing in nature or more spa-like. 

Sedona Vortex Experience

Our most popular Session is the Sedona Vortex Experience. Within a relatively small geographical area, you can experience numerous of Sedona’s vortex sites. The gorgeous trails and expansive open areas provide numerous opportunities for views, meditation, and contemplation. Our vortex Experience is more than just a tour of these sites, however. During this outdoor adventure session you will unleash some of the hidden treasures and knowledge already within. Experience your own personal beauty that rests with you as you walk the Sacred land of Sedona. You will be given the tools to create your own Vortex of energy where ever you reside on this planet. Your newfound treasures will be a gift to self that will entitle you to walk within the perfection of your Spirit on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to become one with nature as you open up to a new and exciting awareness of the love that you possess and will now share with all that cross your path in this life. This session often involves a personal meditation for connection with all beings.

Try a Yoga Hike

One fantastic option with Sedona Vortex Adventures is a yoga hike!
Go alone or bring a group and your guide will take you to an exclusive spot on forest service land. Unlike many of our competitors, we have an actual permit to take you out on the land. This permit is exclusive and unique to only a few guide companies in Sedona. Once out on a red rock platform, after a hike of your chosen difficulty, you will get a custom yoga class with world-class views. You could then choose to return to the center for a Sound Healing, Sedona Ultimate Body Treatment Massage, Chakra Balancing, or any number of our sessions. We have about a hundred different sessions to choose from.

Horse Medicine, Human Spirit

Another popular session is our Horse Medicine, Human Spirit session. This is great for kids! This amazing session is not offered anywhere else.  It’s “hands-on” as an expert “horse whisperer” guides you on a life-transforming journey with horses into a space of deeper self-awareness. We provide a safe environment where our horses can freely interact with you, empowering you to reflect on your own behaviors, reactions, limitations and boundaries.  The horse becomes the therapist by acting as mirror for whatever energy you bring to the session.  No experience with horses is necessary. This is a profound experience you will never forge

Night Sky Adventure

Sedona is known for being a dark sky city. Get out at night for a fabulous adventure under the vast constellations of the stars. Relax under the moonlit sky or escape into the darkness of a new moon. Feel your connection to the universe and contemplate your place within it. This meditative session sometimes involves drumming as well as a guided journey. It’s one of our favorites. (Stars are not guaranteed and if clouds are out or due to inclement weather, session may be moved to indoors).

Can’t Go Wrong

We’ve been in business for over 10 years. We believe we have some of the best guides Sedona has to offer. Our staff is waiting to help you decide which session is right for you. Because our pricing is based on the length of your tour or session and the number of people, it’s best to call to get a quote. 1-928-282-3574