Soldiers Pass is a very popular hiking site here in Sedona. Many of our Sedona Vortex Adventures clients inquire about this trail. This is because this trail gains access to the Seven Sacred Pools and the Devil’s Kitchen Sink Hole.

Both of these sights are “must sees” while visiting  the area!

Beautiful view at Soldier’s Pass, Sedona Arizona

You can access these trail by parking in the residential area, which is Soldiers Pass parking. There is a locking gate that opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 6:00 in the evening, so this is not an ideal hike to do at sunset. The trail starts off by dipping down into a technical wash then jolts up to a slick rock area where you will see the sink hole to the left.

If you wish to visit the sinkhole and pools, then proceed to the left. However, we do recommend merging to the right to explore the Jordan Trail with all its splendor. After you pass over the slick rock area you will see the Jordan Trail sign as you start to descend down different small washes. We at Sedona Vortex Adventures recommend good  hiking shoes so that you are able to scramble up the soon to come climb.

This picturesque hike will lead you back behind Uptown Sedona. It comes as a surprise to learn that you are, in fact, a mere one mile from the busy comings and goings of other tourists visiting the Uptown Sedona shopping area. Despite this fact, Jordan Trail is quite, serene and one would never know just how close they are to an urban setting.

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Throughout this amazing adventure you will have many opportunities to take photos and find isolated places sit and take in the view. This is a perfect time to reflect on your life and celebrate natures divine design. Jordan Trail is not as popular as the Soldiers pass Trail, with all the jeeps that can access this trail. So, this combination makes a great way to experience Sedona’s wilderness without needing to drive any distance. 

The Jordan Trail will then end its self at Jordan road, located in Uptown Sedona. We recommend, however, doing an “out and back” hike where you can then go back to your parked car at the urban parking at Soldiers Pass. We hoped you enjoy this wonderful adventure and recommend visiting our beautiful Retreat Center to receive a full body massage with energy work to give love to your body after such a trek.

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