Ridge Trail Vortex

The Ridge Trail Vortex allows you see in the distance Oak Creek and a slick rock outpost overlooking the MIA creek.  walking along a ridge overlooking the Colorado Plateau, with Sedona and mountains in the background.  If you make it back before sunset, you can also enjoy the best sunset view in town. Walk along to Secret Slickrock for the amazing views of Cathedral Rock, dunk your head in the water at Red Rock Crossing.

Ridge Trail Map


Sedona Vortex Adventures Ridge Trail Tour

Sedona Vortex Adventures Ridge Trail Tour


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Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Yoga & Vortex Meditation

Join Sedona Vortex Adventures Yoga & Vortex Meditation session and understand the benefits of Meditation & Yoga! We will teach meditation as the primary tool for self-healing, the primary means of enhancing self-awareness, and as a gateway to greater self-mastery. During this Yoga and Meditation Session you will experience a guided Meditation, allowing you to move to a place of deep stillness within yourself while learning the powerful techniques that you can incorporate into your life to help manage stress levels through Yoga and emerge yourself with a profound sense of joy.  

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Ridge Trail Vortex HikeSedona Vortex Adventures Hike

Join a Sedona Vortex Adventures guide while hiking on the Ridge Trail vortex sites where you will learn how to use the natural energies of the earth for personal healing and transformation. On this Vortex Ridge Trail Hiking session your guide will help you identify your intention and lead you in a sacred ceremony where you will connect to your higher wisdom. You will also have time for picture taking and inner reflection while at the site.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Spiritual Awakening Land Journey

Seshamanic-retreat-sedona-spirit-quest-lgdona, AZ is well know for Prayer Rocks throughout the sacred vortexes.  In this Spiritual Land Journey Session with Sedona Vortex Adventures your guide will lead you to a deep connection with God/Source/Spirit by working with you at your Soul level. Bring awareness through the gifts of nature and get in touch with yourself at your center, the Source of who you really are.


Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ