Baldwin Trail Vortex Tour

Baldwin Trail Vortex

The Baldwin Loop Trail provides excellent red rock views with the opportunity enjoy the beauty of Oak Creek and the amazing views of Cathedral Rock.  When you continue the hike, you will pass the Buddha Beach across Oak Creek where many stone pillars or prayer stones are created by visitors near the river rock.  Baldwin Trail becomes a small valley between Cathedral Rock and Red Rock Butte with a landscape filled with arroyos, scrub pines and the red rock cliff canyon walls.

Baldwin Vortex Trail Map


Sedona Vortex Adventures Baldwin Trail

Experience a sacred hike in the red rocks with Sedona Vortex Adventures on the Baldwin Trail


Tour Bookings

Tour Session Options: 

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Couple’s Sacred Vortex Land JourneySedona Vortex Adventures Couples Relationship Session in Sedona

Experience the Sacred Vortex Land of Sedona with your partner while on a Couple’s Hike.  This Sedona Couple’s Session will allow you to understand who you are today in this relationship and what is most important for you as a Couple.  Breath the fresh air of Sedona, feel the sun on your face, and your connection to all things. This Couple’s Sacred Vortex Land Journey Session may include drums, sound, and/or movement. This hiking retreat session helps you get centered again within and with your partner. 

Sedona Vortex Adventures Session: Reconnecting to Spirit Land Journey

Seshamanic-retreat-sedona-spirit-quest-lgdona, AZ is well know for Prayer Rocks throughout the sacred vortexes.
In this Spiritual Land Journey Session with Sedona Vortex Adventures your guide will lead you to a deep connection with God/Source/Spirit by working with you at your Soul level. Bring awareness through the gifts of nature and get in touch with yourself at your center, the Source of who you really are.

Sedona Retreat Session: Chakra Balancing Land JourneySedona Vortex Adventures Sacred Land Journey Chakra Balancing Session

Hike in the Vortexes of Sedona, AZ and then allow us to bring self-love and self-awareness back into your life through this exclusive Chakra Balancing Land Journey Session.  Go on a guided meditation that will release and cleanse each Chakra, allowing emotions and memories to wash through yourself as your Chakras begin to balance.  Through balancing of the Chakras you will find your body, mind, and spirit clear, and your awareness heightened.  Awaken your consciousness within and leave this Session with the feeling of Euphoria as you become balanced in the high energy vortexes and all your surroundings.


Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ