One of the least known but impressive vortexes in Sedona is “Shaman’s Cave.”  The history of this cave goes back to the Native Americans. It is speculated that possibly the cave was a prominent Stargate or portal for the Chiefs and leaders to communicate with the Spirits for knowledge and understanding.

Shaman's Cave Natural Portal

Native Chiefs, High Priests, and Shaman came to this cave to perform ceremonies in search of receiving insight from the spirits of nature. Even today you can witness several indentations in the cave floor where the Natives would burn plants and herbs they believed to be numinous for the sacred ceremonies to the gods of nature.  Many of these ceremonies included healing, and prayers for protection and abundance for the year to come.

Outside View of Shaman's Cave

Shaman’s Cave is a large room, approximately 20 feet long, 40 feet wide and 15 feet high, enclosed on three sides. However, one of the most impressive works of the cave is a natural window on one side of the cave that looks out into the vast valley. The cave majestic appearance is shaped as a dome of rose sandstone quartz, rising 750 feet above the valley.

Sedona Vortex Adventures Heart Chakra Ceremony

Performing ceremonies still occur today in the Shaman’s Cave, as the high vibrational energy brings you to a Oneness, deep connection with Spirit, and awareness of co-existence with nature.  Your re-connection allows you to delve into your inner consciousness. Gently you will begin a Personal Journey to process your emotions in a healthy way and gain re-connection to your Spirit; to explore what you feel is missing in your life and you find the quiet and peace once again.

The Shaman’s Cave is not easily accessed. It takes a little perseverance to discover it’s location and make the trek. While it is not a site that is on the SpiritQuest roster, it is available for you to visit while here on retreat. We would be happy to point you in the right direction. It’s a hidden jewel and off the beaten tourist path. This not a location for the faint of heart…for heights that is. You would need to be okay walking out on a ledge where the drop is formidable! But it is well worth the venture and of course you would be on your own. However, we can promise that if you make the journey, this is a place that you will never forget.